I'm about to say something radical.

There's more to getting strong than lifting heavy weights.

In fact, there's more to strength than

the ability to lift heavy weights.

I know.

I've made the study of strength, what I call becoming the strongest version of myself, my life's

In that study I've come to identify four primary areas or layers of strength.

I call them layers because each one adds to the next, and only through the full expression of each of the four layers, can true strength be found.


  • Can strength be found in a body riddled with muscular imbalances?

  • Can strength be found in a body that can't properly digest its food?

  • Can strength be found in a body constrained by psychological issues?

  • When strength is possessed, what is its most appropriate expression?

You see, I don’t wnat you to be satisfied with just being strong.

I want you to be the strongest version of yourself possible.

And to do that, you need to be strong not just physically, but physiologically and energetically… and then you need to share that strength by showing others how to do what you've done.

Then, and only then can you consider yourself the Strongest Version of me.

So, what are the Four Layers of Strength?

Neuromuscular Strength

Energetic Strength

Physiological Strength

Presentable Strength

Neuromuscular Strength

Neuromuscular strength is the ability to use your body to generate force as efficiently and effectively as possible for you.

Modern living wreaks havoc on our bodies.

As a consequence the highly adaptable nature of our bodies begins to no longer serve us as we pursue increased ability.

We develop what I call muscle viruses.

These are imbalances, over developed areas that are counterposed with under developed areas that inhibit our ability to grow stronger.

The first layer of strength aims to identify and correct these imbalances.

Only when you’re free of these muscle viruses, will you be able to pursue your true limits of strength and ability.

Physiological Strength

Physiological strength is our internal health.

How strong are your organs?

Not in terms of how much can your pancreas lift (nothing, it's not a muscle), but how strong is it?

How healthy are your internal organs and how effectively can they do their jobs?

The second layer of strength is aimed at making sure the organs and systems that drive your body... that provide nutrition and eliminate waste, are operating at peak levels

Energetic Strength

Energetic strength deals with your thoughts and feelings, and how these become ingrained into your body -- shaping who you are, and how are you.

The third layer is all about getting your head right.

By acknowledging the connection between mind and body, we use various exercises to release those parts of your mind that have become trapped in your body… suppressing the full expression of your strength and ability.

Presentable Strength

Here's where you learn how to take the strengths you've been given and how to share them with others.

Our capacities in this life are far greater than most of us have ever considered.

We are stronger than we ever imagined.

Join me, become the strongest version of yourself!*

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